BURGEAP’s certifications

BURGEAP has been certified to ISO 9001:2015 for over ten years.

LNE NFX31-620
BURGEAP has been certified to the LNE’s standard for contaminated sites and soil service providers, in line with NF X31-620. Following an audit by an independent organism, this certification guarantees that BURGEAP has perfect command of these types of services thanks to our focus on our clients’ needs, our highly qualified staff & advanced field equipment and our demonstrated effectiveness in supplier management.

The OPQIBI, the Engineering Qualification Body, issues qualification certificates to companies providing primary or secondary engineering services. BURGEAP’s certification since 1994 attests of our capacity to provide our clients with first-rate services in over 30 sectors.

Implementation of an efficient prevention system and commitment to continuous improvement, in terms of hygiene, safety and environmental protection are the prerequisites for obtaining this certification. Our offices has been certified MASE.