A human endeavor

BURGEAP is an environmental consulting firm that has provided services internationally since 1947.

BURGEAP is composed of a team of men and women passionate about their profession and attentive to their customers. We invite you to further understand BURGEAP through reading the Sagas (Saga 1  (2003), Saga 2 (2008), which illustrate and describe how reconciliation of technical rigor and adventure while respecting the values of BURGEAP: commitment, excellence, creativity and trust.

Preserving the environment, contributing to the realization of sustainable cities, supporting eco-responsible companies and encouraging energy transition are the objectives of our 400 engineers. Our research and development department continually provide support with new scientific and pragmatic approaches of paramount importance in the field of the environment. Our activities, the quality of our services and the consistency of our commitment to serving our customers for a responsible world are further described on our website.