BURGEAP and its specialised subsidiary DELEO assist its nuclear and conventional industrial clients throughout their site’s life cycle:

  • Project Management / Asbestos removal project management assistance / Industrial dismantling/ Cleaning / Selective deconstruction: specifications drafting, companies consultation, works monitoring, proofing
  • Building audits / Waste diagnosis (n° 2011-610 decree of 31 May 2011)
  • Costing–Feasibility studies – Expertise
  • Intervention including on occupied site
  • Dismantling studies and scenarios and sanitation studies: costs, planning, monitoring, methodology, history, radiological characterisation
  • Dismantling safety studies
  • Asbestos expertise and management
  • Building rehabilitation study
  • Decontamination processes and operations

Project Management/ Project Management Assistance to dismantling and sanitation works (historical analysis, civil engineering expertise, radiological spectra and migration models determination, sanitation surfaces categories determination, sanitation specifications drafting, sanitation works follow-up and receipt, drafting of decommissioning files submitted to the approval of the nuclear safety authority, feedback notes preparation)

Project Management technical assistance for scheduling, planning and methods, outside companies works monitoring, operations, monitoring and periodic testing, environmental monitoring and support to the development and updating of QSE, waste management

Project Management/ Project Management Assistance to rehabilitation and operations management related to basin nuclear installations (BNI) decommissioning: studies/ works specifications drafting, supporting and advising nuclear manufacturers of external suppliers offers, decommissioning assessment notes drafting (at the local level) as part of the decommissioning file, drafting the feedback notes transmitted to the ASN after each BNI decommissioning, waste zoning decommissioning process management.

For further details please visit DELEO website.