Energy efficiency

You want to save energy, ensure renewable energy production, implement an ISO 50001 Energy Management System. We support you to:

  •  Perform energy efficiency audits of buildings and process
  •  Implement an energy management system and obtain the ISO 50001 certification (energy review, training)
  •  Study the integration of renewable energy solutions: photovoltaic (especially in self-consumption), energy recovery, geothermal…

Energy strategy and circular economy

Taking more and more into account the environment is bringing new opportunities in industries management. We bring you a global vision of the different flows of your plant (energy, heat, raw material, water, waste…) and we allow you to optimize or reuse these flows to lower your operating costs and respond at best to environmental regulations.

Greenhouse gas balance and Carbon Footprint®

You want to take stock of your structure or your territory’s greenhouse gas emissions, start a Carbon Footprint® approach.
BURGEAP accompanies you and provides you with Carbon Footprint® trained engineers or engineers trained to your assessments methods, whether they are regulatory (scope 1 and 2) or exhaustive (scope 3), and analyse them in order to implement GHG emissions reduction action plans.

énergies renouvelablesISO 50 001bilan GES