BURGEAP guides you through your mining and quarrying projects from site identification to decommissioning:

  • Geological and hydrogeological studies (modelling)
  • Hydraulic studies
  • Regulatory formalities (assistance with the Mining Code and assistance with classified installations)
  • Environmental and social impact studies
  • Mine waste management plan
  • Rehabilitation works assistance and financial guarantees calculation guidance
  • Decommissioning activities assistance
  • Quarries waste management plan
  • Environmental monitoring

« ISDI + » inert materials management for circular economy

BURGEAP assists quarry operators wishing to use non-recyclable aggregates fractions and inert construction materials in quarry redevelopment, in order to meet restoration obligations required by prefectural authorization decrees.

With a good regulatory and technical knowledge on the expected content of the study to be produced for “ISDI +” threshold exemption requests (Article 6 of the 30 September 2016 Ministerial Decree), BURGEAP advocates a robust and coherent approach whose main steps are as follow:

  • Environmental context definition
  • Local geochemical background characterisation
  • Environment sensitivity characterisation
  • Potential impact source definition and quantification
  • Potential impact assessment usually through a hydrogeological model (1D withHydrotex or 3D withFeflow)
  • Planning and follow-up (potential) recommendations

We advise you and we help you until you obtain an additional prefectural order modifying your quarry rehabilitation conditions.

Having designed the first exemption file accepted by the administration, BURGEAP is a leader in this specific field of study.