BURGEAP assists you in the design of your industrial projects by taking into account polluted sites and soils issues. Our objective is to reconcile perfect pollution linked health risks control and costs optimisation in order to guarantee your project’s global budget.

Environmental diagnosis and impact assesment

A LNE certification serving your project

In a pragmatic approach adapted to each of your projects, BURGEAP meets your compliance needs with the AFNOR NF X 31-620 « Soil quality – Services related to polluted sites and soils » standard, for which BURGEAP is certified.

Investigations designed to fit the stakes and objectives of your study

Our strength: the expertise of our team, who will choose to implement drilling and sampling techniques (auger, coring, cored sheating, MIP probe, bub-slabs…) adapted to the context and to the sought pollutants. Our investigations are systematically adapted to the stakes and objectives of the study:sizing of a source area, data acquisition to size a depollution, on and off site health risk study.

Expertise fuelled by R&D

Regarding VOC investigations, we implement baseline methodological guides such as "Site diagnoses" (BRGM), "MACAOH source area" (ADEME) and the NF ISO 22155, or FLUXOBAT (assessment of pollutants transfer from soil and/or aquifer to the atmospheric compartment) which, for some, were developed by BURGEAP on behalf of authorities and referent bodies. Our objective is to foresee the coming project, including the consideration of constructive and innovative measures mastered by our teams.

Risks management

The management processes implemented are based on the following principles: prevent future pollution, secure the newly discovered polluted sites, know, monitor and control the impacts, treat and rehabilitate according to the use and perpetuate this use, keep the memory, involve all the actors.

Interpretation of the state of the environment for a suitable pollution treatment

We will assist you in the assessment of health risks or interpretation of the state of the environment and analysis of residual risks.

Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is an approach describing and quantifying health risks from exposure to toxic substances.

The interpretation of the state of the environment is an assessment of the current state of the environment, impacted by a set of activities, based on observations of the environments and their regular uses. It is a step-by-step approach to distinguish situations that do not pose a problem from those that require appropriate management action.

Pollution treatment

A successful depollution must go through a step-by-step approach:
  • A management plan defining possible treatment solutions. The management plan proposes the most efficient depollution techniques regarding the project context and associated constraints. It incorporates any constructive measures suitable for buildings and outdoor spaces.
  • Work Design Plan (PCT) and processability testing. Processability tests will allow to choose the most appropriate treatment solution or combination of solutions to deploy. Two types of tests are conducted by BURGEAP and its partners: in laboratory and on site. Through their complementarity, these two modes of analysis will lead to the adoption of the most effective techniques for the remediation of polluted soil and be integrated into the works design plan.Our goal is to independently acquire the maximum amount of information that will be the key to the understanding of the context by contractors and therefore the success of future clean-up operations.
  • Naturally, after the sizing of the clean-up operations, BURGEAP can assist you as project management assistant (AMO) or prime contractor (MOE) for any type of work to be carried out. In the continuity of the project, we will define the modalities of “memory conservation”, and in the cases that require it, easements, to ensure the durability of the implemented operations. We will also be able to implement, if necessary, the environmental monitoring plan.

Environmental monitoring


Our team of experts will be able to provide you with a critical analysis of the situation on an ongoing file or the positioning with regard to an acquisition taking into account the regulatory, legal and methodological aspects.Their feedback in this field is a real added value for our customers.

Environmental monitoring

BURGEAP carries out the monitoring of your sites regardless of the context (regulatory, (post) operation monitoring…) with the objective to better understand the environments’ evolution and thus optimize the number of samples, the parameters to follow and the control frequency.

Specific asbestos removal, dismantling work…

Through our subsidiary DELEO, we can also assist you as project manager/project management assistance on asbestos removal and dismantling work including on mixed issues such as asbestos in soil or the Enhanced Natural Radioactivity issue.