BURGEAP, environmental specialist, has placed Health-Environment at the heart of its development for almost 20 years.

A dedicated expertise unit praised by the French Administration

  • The High Council of Public Health (HCSP) has entrusted us with project management assistance for the development of three indoor air pollutants benchmark values.
  • BURGEAP was requested by the Ministerial Working Group to contribute to the Area Studies Guide and by the HCSP in the framework of the « Health Risk Assessment in Area Analysis – Utility, Methodology and Interpretation »;
  • BURGEAP engineers trained ICPE inspectors in the field of quantitative health risk studies (EQRS) and DRASS agents for modelling aspect.
  • BURGEAP carries out third-party expertise for health risk assessment files at the DREALs request.

BURGEAP also took part in the AFITE (French Association of Environmental Engineers and Technicians) Health and Environment Commission and the SFSE (French Society for Environmental Health) section entitled « Health Risk Assessment Methodology ».

Industries health impact assessment and control.

State of the Environment Interpretation (IEM) and Quantitative Health Risk Assessment (EQRS)

BURGEAP’s mastery of implementing multi-habitat environmental monitoring and environmental data analysis are proof of its ability to conduct state of the environment interpretations proportionate to the stakes, with hindsight and pragmatism.

BURGEAP has carried out about ten health risks studies at industrial basin scale (zones study) most of which under the aegis of the DREAL or the SPPPI and over a hundred health studies mostly for industrials. Our multidisciplinary technical centre masters both environment metrology and pollutants dispersion prediction tools (all habitats) to quantify populations’ exposure. Going beyond a simple calculative risk exercise, we bring hindsight and management advice.