From site research to post operation,BURGEAP guides you in waste management.

For all types of waste storage facilities (non-hazardous, inert or hazardous waste treatment facilities), BURGEAP carries out:

  • Site identification, feasibility studies
  • Design, technical studies (hydrogeology with modelling, hydraulic studies, odour management, atmospheric emission management, noise management, etc.)
  • Regulatory applications (DDAE : health risks and sate of the environment assessment ; odour ; SUP ; compliance upgrade ; decommissioning completion report ; application review, etc.)
  • Full project management for creation/ extension/ rehabilitation works and client assistance for site operation or post- operation(design study, regulatory applications, assistance with contractor firm selection, work supervision, technical assistance for site operation, etc.)
  • Works technical monitoring (active/ passive barriers)
  • Waste compaction monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring (gaseous or liquid discharge measurements, hydraulic balance, etc.
  • Biogas and leachate management and processing

BURGEAP also has experience in waste sustainable management and processing (hazardous and non-hazardous, biological waste, sludge, domestic waste, etc.):

  • Waste physical characterisation
  • Determination of the inert nature of waste before acceptance
  • Waste management plan – Processing/treatment solutions definition:
    • Solid domestic waste / Industrial waste / Construction and public work waste
    • Mining waste
    • Contaminated soil
  • Waste channels studies (source reduction / management optimisation / repurposing)
  • End-of-waste procedure
  • Client assistance– Expertise
  • ISDI support to increase acceptability thresholds (ISDI +)

BURGEAP supports inert landfill facility operators wishing to accommodate inert materials exceeding certain thresholds set in the 12/12/2014 ministerial decree, materials with higher added value.

With a good regulatory and technical knowledge on the expected content of the required (article 6 of the Ministerial Decree of 12/12/2014), BURGEAP:

  • Studies the receiving environment’s sensitivity via geological, hydrogeological and hydrological studies,
  • Assesses the impact of these new landfill on the environment via more or less complex models (1D with Hydrotex or 3D with Feflow)
  • Advocate development and monitoring measures to mitigate potential impacts.


In addition to drafting the regulatory file, our objective is to advise you and accompany you until obtaining an additional prefectural order modifying the conditions of site operation.