Nuclear decommissioning and conventional dismantling

From design engineering to field operations and waste management, Ginger DELEO proves its commitment to assisting you. Our engineers will help you solve your problems and propose technical, practical and innovative solutions, as well as guaranteeing a safety framework.We carry out audits, analyses, appraisals, diagnostics and study the best solutions to manage your risks. We provide assistance to projectsowners and project managers by implementing our culture of excellence and our methods, which are based on more than 20 years of experience and qualifications.Ginger DELEO is a unique engineering company qualified to manage mixed pollution (chemical, asbestos and radiological), part of the Ginger Group. It complements the BURGEAP and Ginger CEBTP sectors to provide our customers with a global solution.


Industrialists, CEPF or BNI operators, academics, producers and construction companies, do you want to safeguard your projects, optimise your sites and adapt to regulatory and environmental developments. With a proven and practical approach, Ginger DELEO will assist you in complete independence.

  • Management of contaminated sites and soils by natural (IRN, NORMs) or artificial radioactivity: integrated management approach, identification, diagnosis/characterisation, management and remediation plan. Workstation studies, impact studies, administrative assistance.
  • Management and treatment of radioactive waste: study, characterisation, modelling, conditioning, disposal records. Approval file, waste assessment, operational assistance.
  • Nuclear decontamination and remediation: implementation of radiological decontamination processes. Engineering related to radiological remediation.
  • Installation regulatory compliance: Classified Environmental Protection Facility (CEPF), Basic Nuclear Installation (BNI), decommissioning records, application for exemption, environmental monitoring.
  • Nuclear safety: site in operation: General Operating Rules, environment, safety standards, approvals. Decommissioning site: scenario, modification evaluation sheet / application for modification authorization (FEM / DAM) including a safety analysis, assistance with the design and monitoring of the works. Normal and informal operation.
  • Radiation protection : expertise, modelling. Nuclear measures. Radiation protection during the work phase. Radiological impact studies, workstation studies, irradiation room design studies. Regulatory controls.



Communities, urban planners, developers, industrialists and asset managers interested in decontaminating or decommissioning all or part of a buildings, in a density populated urban environment, in an occupied or vacant site in accordance with regulations, while respecting schedules and within an optimised budget framework. Our teams can provide you with their professional experience, their professionalism and their expertise.

  • Deconstruction and asbestos removal: project management and project management assistance in the design and monitoring of deconstruction works with management of asbestos and lead issues.
  • Explosive demolition (tilting, blasting): feasability study, mining plan, project management, organisation of operations (procedures, communication, liaising with civil authorities), and nuisance checks..
  • Complex industrial dismantling: naval, thermal, heavy industry, military. Design, feasability study, scenario, cost forecast, project management consultancy, project manager, expertise.
  • Asbestos removal in occupied sites: project management consultancy, project manager in the design and monitoring of asbestos removal works.
  • Dismantling and/or nuclear decontamination: project management consultancy, project manager, waste management.
  • Waste analysis: analysis of buildings before demolition.
  • Vibrations: vibration measurements, definition of thresholds and criteria for non-damage, inspections during the work phase (explosives, sledgehammers, compactors, rock breakers, industrial equipment).
  • Structures: modelling, computations on civil engineering structures and customs structures (bridge, viaduct, chimney, air coolers), transition stage stability calculations.
  • Advice, expertise and training

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