Widely recognized for its Environmental and Energy expertise, BURGEAP is able to assist you worldwide to assess the potential environmental risks of your current locations and during sale/acquisition process (due diligence). We work on specific site/building projects as well as on assets portfolios in a whole entity (acquisition/transfer). In the context of these transactions, as well as during in operation industrial assets or real estate assets analysis, BURGEAP provides technical, regulatory and financial expertise to foster decision support through key elements. We operate in very large sites and geographical areas by mobilizing our 1100 engineers and 200 experts, our Ginger locations and partners’ network around the world. Recent due diligence missions include:

  • Real estate throughout France
  • A hotel chain in France and in Europe
  • An automobile site in China
  • Waste processing and recovery unit in Asia and the Middle East…

Our areas of intervention cover:

  • Technical and financial due diligence
  • Energy audits – ISO 50001
  • Regulatory audits: environment, regulatory compliance, health and safety, ICPE proofing
  • Basement audits
  • Waste management audit
  • Enclosed plot
  • Asbestos