You wish to incorporate geothermal energy in your project; we support you in the initial decision, the design phase and its implementation. Thanks to our expertise we approach geothermal energy throughout its entire chain (from the initial decision and upstream guidance to expertise in modelling tools for complex projects) from underground engineering to thermodynamic production means.

We cover all the heat pumps drilling techniques (groundwater tables, probes, and stakes) and can provide customized guidance for your regulatory and financing procedures. Our know-how includes:

  • Taking into account all the challenges of an energy system : technical, economical, financial and environmental performance
  • Establishment of regulatory applications (mining code) and funding applications (ADEME, FEDER…)
  • Taking into account building’s energy aspects
  • Complete sizing of capture systems to production systems including their regulation
  • A performance guarantee upon receipt.

Our references include dozens medium to large geothermal power installations in use in office buildings, media libraries, housing complexes and district-level heating and cooling networks.