Buildings, mines and quarries and major infrastructure works hydrogeology

We offer extensive groundwater engineering for your construction projects on all technical fields

  • Highest groundwater level
  • Pumping tests
  • Groundwater table drawdown study in construction phase
  • Hydrogeological optimization of deep foundations
  • Pumping system in final phase (regulating drains/ draining mats…)
  • Water reinjection/ water treatment
  • Hydro geotechnical stability of excavation funds
  • Voluntary infrastructures flooding (vents, barbicans …)
  • Water aggressiveness
  • Groundwater management system project supervision
  • Quarry water management (creation, extension, closures)
  • 2D and 3D modelling of complex flows (dam effect, groundwater table drawdown, moulded walls optimisation…)

We also provide assistance on regulatory aspects:

  • Water classification of French Water Law
  • Flood risk management plans (PPRI) compliance notice
  • Storm water management and alternative techniques development