Polluted sites and soils management is an essential component in territory sustainable development and urban and industrial wastelands redevelopment. The recent overhaul of the national methodology and ALUR Act reinforce this concern and clarifies the responsibilities of the different actors.

Whether you are selling, buying or developing a site, BURGEAP assists you in the design of your projects, and helps ensure you the proper assessment and management of underground pollution issues.

Our aim is to help you design and implement development or construction projects combining pollution linked health risks control and cost optimization, in order to guarantee the overall budget of your projects.

Through a first diagnosis step (soil, soil gas, groundwater, sediments), BURGEAP assesses the situation of the site and determines if any specific measures are necessary for your project. The management plan proposes optimized excavated soil management, possible constructive measures fit to buildings and outdoor spaces and, if necessary, the most effective depollution techniques to restore sanitary compatibility between site and uses. If need be, feasibility and pilot tests of the work design plan will provide technical and financial security for the design and sizing of the rehabilitation works.

If your project sits on a former industrial site or includes a soil information sector, as certified engineering consultant, BURGEAP writes the certificate to be attached to the development or construction permit. BURGEAP can define the terms of “memory conservation”, and, if required,easements and environmental monitoring of water and air, that will ensure the sustainability of the operations carried out.

BURGEAP also supports you for the design and execution of rehabilitation works as prime contractor or assistance to project management.

We can work on pyrotechnic pollution issues as well as on soil radiological and asbestos pollution through our DELEO subsidiary

BURGEAP works in compliance with the ‘Soil quality – Services related to polluted sites and soils’ NF X 31-620 AFNOR standard and is certified according to the LNE standards in field A (studies, assistance and control) and B (Rehabilitation works engineering).

For over 20 years, BURGEAP has also been a major research and development player in the field of polluted site and has developed tools for the diagnosis and control of volatile pollution that have been recognized by institutional stakeholders.

sols pollués dépollution des sols diagnostic de pollution des sols