Preliminary regulatory project management assistance

The regulatory path of a project, and intrinsically, its planning and its implementation costs (in studies and works), creates a strong uncertainty on the respect of Owner's commitments.

To meet its client’s needs, BURGEAP identifies from the preliminary planning intentions, the regulatory path of your project, as well as the different technical needs to supply Environmental Authorisations applications. We assist our clients in determining financial envelopes, schedules and procedures for development projects, real estate and linear infrastructure.

Case-by-case assessment application

BURGEAP steps in before permits or Planning Authorisation applications deposit for guidance and assembly of a case-by-case assessment application, prior to carrying out an environmental impact study unless an exception is granted. Thanks to regular exchanges between BURGEAP and the DRIEE’s instructor services, we are able to specify to our clients the points the administration focusses on, the technical inputs required for the application, the administrative terms and conditions of the procedure.

Impact studies for building permits, planning permits, ZAC, DUP

In addition to its specific areas of intervention, BURGEAP has developed an extensive expertise in the management, implementation and monitoring of environmental impact assessment missions, in constitutive documents for building and planning permit forms, in ZAC applications and in pre DUP investigation surveys. In order to do so, BURGEAP offers a turnkey solution by positioning itself as consulting firms’ consortium leader and coordinator of environmental expertise supplying regulatory applications.

BURGEAP intervenes for its public and private contractors, on various achievements such as the International City of Gastronomy andWine, the Grand Paris Express, but also the ZAC Léon Blum, the development of the former paper mill of Corbeil-Essonnes, the redevelopment of Le Monde Printing Company…

PLU Environmental Assessment

In connection with a transposition of environmental operational considerations at planning documents level, BURGEAP conducts environmental assessments of PLU and PCAET/STRADET updates. BURGEAP assists in the procedures and as a knowledgeable contributorsupports urban planning/architecture offices and various partners in their projects. Our achievements in that field are the environmental assessment of the Avignon, Bordeaux Métropole, Saint-FargeauPonthierry PLUs.

Environmental Authorisation application

Since the 1st of March 2017, projects subject to numerous Environmental Authorizations requests are subject to a single application file, gathering the expertise related to the Impact Studies, the Water Act (IOTA) files, operating authorisation application (DDEA), exemption requests for destruction of protected species…

This recent regulation raises new questions and punctuates the process with challenges for the contractors.

BURGEAP is well versed in these different considerations and is positioned as a valued partner for managing this crucial process. We advise and assist our clients before the Environmental Authority, coordinating environmental expertise, we offer technical solutions, and we ensure the follow-up of deadlines and their fulfillment.Our latest achievements are the Port-Cormeilles project, the Auchan Petit Foret mall modernisation…

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