Air pollution and odour nuisance

BURGEAP helps you in your impact control on air quality at every stage of your industrial project:

Emission diagnosis
  • Characterisation of the impact on air quality by metrology or atmospheric dispersion modelling
  • Recommendations for reducing atmospheric emissions.
Emission characterisation

Know to master ! BURGEAP has a real expertise to quantify diffuse industrial emissions, whether they are smells, gaseous compounds or dust. Our methods combine:

  • Innovative and validated metrological tools (flow chamber, lidar),
  • Complex material balances (e.g. solvent management plan),
  • Standard theoretical equations mastered by our specialized engineers.
Emission Impact Assesment
Measuring, understanding and predicting are the first key steps towards controlling impacts.

Through metrology:

BURGEAP has a wide range of technical solutions to carry out an environmental monitoring fitted to the issues at stake and covering a wide range of pollutants.

  • Ongoing monitoring or integrated measurements of gaseous pollutants,
  • Environmental monitoring of atmospheric fallouts (metals, dioxins),
  • Olfactory nuisance monitoring.

The results of these measurements are analysed according to objectives and issues: regulatory monitoring, state of the environment interpretation.

Through atmospheric dispersal modelling:

Through the various dispersal models mastered by its dedicated technical centre, BURGEAP helps you:

  • Assess the environmental impact of your existing or planned air emissions
  • Sizing of the characteristics of your chimneys (flow, configuration) in project phase
  • Prioritization of your emissions in terms of impact
  • Identifying the contribution of your emissions in a complex environment.
Pollution treatment

BURGEAP helps you with your gaseous effluent treatment issues. (VOC reduction, NOx, dusts). We step in at every stage of the engineering process, from the techno-economical or feasibility study / preliminary and detailed designs, to the complete project management, for design and construction, as well as on specific issues requiring expertise.

Whenever possible, our goal is to focus on reductions sources so that environmental gain meets financial gain.

Indoor air

In the event of air quality deterioration in your offices or workshops (workers’ health problems, odours), BURGEAP implements a suitable metrology to look for the source:

  • For odours, thanks to the odour field method© which allows during the audit to break down the odour into olfactory referents and identify the smell's source.
  • For indoor air quality, through specific multi-parameter measurements associated with ventilation measurements and usage surveys.

The results lead to the recommendation of concrete action plans to go back to normal.